Council Policies at the City of Melville


Accounting Policy - CP-025


Acting Chief Executive Officer - CP-007


Advisory and Management Committees - CP-021


Asset Management Policy CP-031


Borrowings Asset Financing - CP-024


Citizenship Ceremonies - CP-001


City of Melville Prayer - CP-019


Civic and Ceremonial Functions - CP-016


Code of Conduct Elected Members - CP-041


Code of Conduct - Employees


Complaints Management Policy CP-101


Disability Access and Inclusion Policy - CP-084


Disaster Appeals - CP-022


Discretionary Services - CP-038


Elected Members Allowances and Expenses - CP-091


Elected Members Professional Development - CP-092


Elected Members Social Media Policy


Election Caretaker Period CP-105


Employee Appointments - CP-026


Environmental Policy - CP-030


Ex Gratia Payments - CP-011


Financial Sustainability Forward Financial Planning And Funding Allocation - CP-008


Fraud and Corruption Prevention Policy - CP-062


Honorary Freeman of the City of Melville - CP-012


Improving Public Spaces Policy CP-103


Investment of Funds Policy - CP-009


Land Property Retention, Disposal and Acquisition - CP-005


Legal Representation - CP-017


LPP1.10 Amenity Policy


LPP1.11 Canning Highway Precinct Design Guidelines

Council Policy

LPP1.12 Child Minding Centres and Family Day Care


LPP1.13 Bed and Breakfast Accommodation


LPP1.14 Temporary Structures


LPP1.15 Market Uses


LPP1.16 Flood and Security Lighting


LPP1.17 Additional Development Exemptions

LPP1.1 Planning Process and Decision Making

Council Policy

LPP1.2 Architectural and Urban Design Advisory Panel


LPP1.3 Waste and Recyclables Collection for Multiple Dwellings Mixed Use Developments and Non-Residential Developments


LPP1.4 Provision of Public Art in Development Proposals


LPP1.5 Energy Efficiency in Building Design


LPP1.6 Car Parking and Access


LPP1.7 Telecommunications Facilities and Communications Equipment


LPP1.8 Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design of Buildings


LPP1.9 Height of Buildings


LPP2.1 Non-Residential Development


LPP2.2 Outdoor Advertising and Signage


LPP2.3 Chemists in Medical Centres


LPP3.1 Residential Development


LPP3.3 Exhibition Display Homes


LPP3.4 Tennis Courts


LPP3.5 Home Occupation Relative to Sexual Services Business Policy


LPP4.1 Royal Australian Airforce Association Masterplan


LPP4.2 All Saints College Master Plan


LPP4.3 Heathcote Heritage Precinct Signage Strategy


Naming of Roads, Parks, Buildings and Infrastructure - CP-096


Neighbourhood Development - Community Hub Policy - CP-037


Nomination on WALGA Committees - CP-020


Non Monetary Grants Policy Community Partnership Fund - CP-095


Parking Permit Policy CP-097


Path and Crossover Policy - CP-033


Physical Activity - CP-028


Procurement Policy - CP-023


Provision of Mayoral Vehicle - CP-083


Public Relations CP-003


Quality Policy - CP-039


Quasi - Judicial Role - CP-052


Question Time at Committee and Council Meetings CP-014


Recognition of Elected Members Services - CP-015


Recording of Meetings - CP-088


Related Party Disclosures Policy CP-104


Risk Management Policy CP-099


Road Safety Audit Policy - CP-034


School Parking Policy - CP-035


Self Supporting Loans - CP-010


Severance Policy - CP-027


Stakeholder Engagement Policy - CP-002


Street Numbering Policy - CP-068


Terms of Office - CP-018


Tree Policy CP-029


Urban Forest and Green Space Policy CP-102


Use of Elected Member Meeting Rooms and Facilities CP-004


Verge Treatment Policy CP-086


Waste Minimisation - CP-036