My Future Melville - The 20 Year Vision

The City of Melville has a 20 year vision for the future. As a local business this presents new opportunities for growth, employment and jobs.

The Local Planning Strategy was endorsed by the Western Australian Planning Commission in early 2016.

Between August and October 2016, the City held the My Future Melville Speaker Series, which provided the community with an opportunity to hear  about the long term vision as well gain a better understanding of plans for local areas and activity centres.

The Local Planning Strategy is a 20 year plan that helps the City prepare for anticipated population growth, that will be achieved by increasing density in and around activity centres located along major roads, transport nodes and  public transport corridors.

In general the Local Planning Strategy aims to:

  • encourage increased intensity in and around Activity Centres, transport nodes and along transport corridors,
  • provide greater housing choice,
  • improve access to different levels and types of retail, commercial and employment opportunities
  • have vibrant and diverse commercial centres that meet both local and regional needs,
  • encourage a sustainable and appropriate transport network to assist with the economic development of the City

Find out all about the Local Planning Strategy.

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