Access and Inclusion

The City of Melville provides and facilitates support and advocacy for residents who require assistance with access and inclusion.

The City of Melville believes that a community that recognises and promotes its diversity and supports the participation and inclusion of all its members makes for a richer community life and contributes to positive social justice outcomes.

The City of Melville is committed to making a great place for all its residents and has a Social Justice Advocate who together with other Community Development Officers support and promote:

  • individuals with disabilities and their families/carers enjoy living in an accessible friendly city;
  • local community groups and members are supported in developing and delivering facilities, information and programs that are inclusive of, or specific to, people with disabilities;
  • awareness of issues for people with disabilities and their families/carers is raised through events and training; and
  • people with disabilities are able to be involved in decision making about their community.

The City aims to achieve this through the strategies outlined in our Disablity Access and Inclusion Plan 2012-2017 (DAIP). The City has created a DAIP summary document that is available in hard copy at the Civic Centre, Libraries and on request that outlines why we have a DAIP, how the DAIP was developed and the strategies that the City will employ to improve access and inclusion. The full DAIP document is available on the website and in alternative formats on request.

Activelink is a City of Melville program that supports eligible residents of all abilities to participate in sport, recreation and leisure activities. It provides support to those who face challenges, difficulties or barriers to participate. This may include language and cultural barriers, financial difficulties, feeling isolated or having a disability (or different ability). For further information about this program and how to apply read about our Programs and Services.