Public Art

Enhancing public spaces, contributing to a sense of place and celebrating our cultural identity through art.

Public art can improve the connectivity of a precinct and its interrelationship with the rest of the area. Good public art can contribute to a sense of place, enhancing public spaces and celebrating cultural identity and community aspirations.

Public Art Strategy & Masterplan

Recognising how public art plays a major role in our community’s aspiration for a ‘Sense Of Community’ and in response to the growing demand for artwork to be integrated into the City’s projects and private developments, the City of Melville has recently developed a new Public Art Strategy and Masterplan.

This document defines principles and priorities for public art in the City and will help to guide resources and funding towards relevant public art projects that will enhance the City’s built environment, distinctive natural assets, significant Indigenous sites, historic locations and key destinations.

The Public Art Strategy and Masterplan provides a curatorial and technical framework for all new commissions, ensuring that the City of Melville’s public art collection is cohesive, curated, and surpasses industry best practice standards. This approach will enable the City of Melville to respond to new ideas about art, storytelling, interpretation and cultural expression.

Download a copy of the City of Melville Public Art Strategy and Masterplan.

Public Art Strategy & Masterplan

City of Melville Public Art Collection

The City of Melville’s public art collection consists of over 80 artworks which have been acquired through artist commissions, exhibition purchases, donations, community arts projects and ongoing programs such as the Adopt-a-Stop Bus Shelter Program and PHAZE Urban Art Program.

Public Art is integrated into City playgrounds, park landscaping and building designs and the City also encourages public art in private developments through its percent for art policy, Provision for Public Art in Development Proposals.

Download a map of showing locations of Public Artworks around the City or view a gallery of artworks in the collection here.

For more information, please email the Cultural Development Officer (Arts) or call 1300 635 845 | 9364 0666.