Youth Development Fund

The City of Melville offers grants up to $500 to young people towards self-development activities and event.

Find out how to apply for these grants below:

Who Can Apply?

Young people aged 11-25 years inclusive living in the City of Melville for the last 12 months, who are seeking financial assistance towards self-development and leadership.

Eligible Activities

Assistance is given for activities that encourage and support personal development and growth. These include:

  • Leadership training
  • Career guidance and development
  • Extra curricular educational opportunities
  • Emotional wellbeing
  • Other similar activities

The following are not supported:

  • Activities which seek to make a financial profit for the individual
  • Purchase of equipment
  • Insurance costs
  • Donations to other entities
  • Outstanding debts
  • Everyday living costs
  • Voluntary work or fundraising activities
  • Sports related activities. See Youth Sports Grants

Levels of Funding Available

Allocation of funding will be based on locality and travel considerations, as follows:

  • Local (Perth and Western Australia) - up to $200
  • Inter-state (within Australia) - up to $300
  • International - up to $500

When Can I Apply?

Apply at any time.

Please note: your application must be received at least 6 weeks prior to the start date of your activity.

Funds are available to each applicant once every 2 years.

Supporting Documents

Applications shall be supported by an educational institution, an endorsed service provider, a relevant governing body or the State/Federal/Voluntary organisation supporting the activity.

Written confirmation of the applicant’s selection or an invitation must include the applicant’s name and the level of representation at the event.

The lack of these documents will affect the result of your funding application and the amount of funding to be approved.

Exclusion and Ineligibility

Acquittal of Funds

All successful funding applicants are required to submit a Funding Acquittal Report within one month of the completion of the activity.

The Funding Acquittal Report includes presentation of tax invoices/receipts relevant to the activity and other evidence which may be used to promote the funding program in the future.

In the instance that the funding recipient does not attend the event, the applicant will be required to repay the full amount of the funding awarded.

Contact Us

For support and advice please email the Program Support Officer or call 9364 0666.