Plans and Policies

Contains Management plans, strategy and policy documents pertaining to natural bushlands and reserves.

Overarching Strategies

  • Natural Area Asset Management Plan
    The Natural Areas Asset Management Plan (NAAMP) provides the context, and technical and policy framework for the management of all natural area reserves within the City. It contains information on prioritisation of reserves, broad strategies to manage these area and the threats to these areas. This document also contains plant and animal species lists for all of our bushland reserves across the City.

  • Foreshore Restoration Strategy
    The Foreshore Restoration Strategy identifies priority areas along Melville’s 18km of foreshore for restoration or erosion control works.

  • Water Quality Improvement Plan- Bull Creek Catchment
    The Water Quality Improvement Plan identifies gaps in management of the Bull Creek Catchment, assesses current condition, and identifies values, objectives, targets and actions for the catchment to improve water quality.

Management Plans

Management Plans are documents detailing reserve-specific information and the City of Melville objectives and actions for those reserves.


Details how the City of Melville manages each of these threats in bushland areas across the City.