Fuel Efficient Driving

We all have a role to play in minimising air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions from the use of our motor vehicles.

Fuel efficient driving minimises air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, but also has the added benefit of lowering your overall vehicle running costs and encouraging safer driving behaviours.

Tips for Fuel Efficient Driving

  • Cruise at a reduced speed where possible
  • Minimise accelerating and braking
  • Change up through the gears as soon as practical
  • Only use air conditioning when necessary
  • Don’t warm up or idle your engine
  • Fill your fuel tank only to the first click of the fuel nozzle
  • Keep your tyre pressure up to the recommended figure
  • Remove unnecessary weight and roof racks
  • Service your car regularly

For more information view a short video on eco-driving by the Royal Automotive Club (RAC).