Climate Change

The Australian climate is changing. The City of Melville is working towards measuring and reducing its greenhouse gas emissions and adapting to changes in our climate.

Overwhelming scientific evidence exists to show climate change is happening as a result of humans releasing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Greenhouse gases, like carbon dioxide, are released whenever we burn energy sources like coal or gas - this could be when you're driving your car, using electricity or during the manufacture of the products you buy. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and lock it up so deforestation is another major climate change problem.

We are already seeing changes in our climate, which are set to worsen in the future. For example: 

  • Increasing temperature
  • Rising sea level
  • Decreasing rainfall
  • More frequent and intense extreme weather events.

It is vital that we work towards cutting out greenhouse gas emissions to limit the extent of climate change but, as some climate change is now inevitable, we also need to ensure we're adapted to expected changes.