Trees are assets of the City that contribute to the well-being of the community and to the natural environment.

The City maintains street trees and trees within public open space and provides guidelines for retaining trees during development.

The City recognises and values the significance of trees within the urban setting for the many social benefits, economic benefits and environmental benefits trees provide to the urban environment. The City is committed to protecting, maintaining and increasing our street tree population whilst meeting its obligation to provide a safe environment for the community.

The City is working hard to manage this asset!

We maintain the street trees on your verge.

We have guidelines on street trees and development.

We have limited power with regards to trees on private property.

We are in the process of developing an Urban Forest Strategy for the City.

Social Benefits of Trees

  • Increasing our the mental and physical health/resilience
  • Reducing the potential for heat related illness
  • Encouraging outdoor activity and therefore social interaction
  • Encouraging outdoor activity and therefore increase surveillance and reduce crime
  • Helping create a sense of place and mark our heritage/ landmarks

Economic Benefits of Trees

  • Reduction in health cost through all of the above
  • Reduction in cooling costs – air conditioning
  • Increase property value
  • Increase commercial activation of a business
  • Increasing the life of some assets like asphalt – road pavement
  • Market a location

Environmental Benefits of Trees

  • Capturing Rain in their leaves
  • Holding the soil and reducing erosion with their roots
  • Increasing habitat and biodiversity
  • Creating shade for us and reducing the heat
  • Cleaning the air of pollutants
  • Creating oxygen for us to breathe