General Property Information

General information about your property, including pool regulations, pest control and street trees.



Find out more information about crossovers and stormwater drainage.

Request for residential and commercial building plans.

Owners wishing to obtain copies of approved plans for their properties can lodge an application with the City of Melville.

Residential Swimming Pools

Information about private/residential swimming pools and spas including - current standards and regulations, fence and barrier requirements, compliance.

Builders Registration and Owner Builders

The Building Services Board aims to ensure the highest possible standards in the Western Australian building industry.

Work Affecting Other Land

Builders or owners must obtain consent from the owner of any adjoining land affected by your building work.

Sustainable Building

The City of Melville encourages the development of sustainable homes.

Strata Titles

Information you may need to know about buying a unit in a strata scheme.

State Underground Power Program

City of Melville supports the State Governments underground power program which aims to provide a safer environment, improved streetscapes and reliability of power supply.