Graffiti Management and Removal

Find out about graffiti management including how to report graffiti for removal in the City of Melville.

We have a number of actions in place to address graffiti vandalism in our City, but crime prevention is everyone’s business and we all have a role to play. 

What should I do if I see  graffiti?

You should report all graffiti for prompt removal as soon as you can. You can report graffiti for removal in the City of Melville on our 24 hour graffiti maintenance line on 1800 626 119 or lodge a request via our online services.

If the graffiti isn’t in the City of Melville, or you’re not sure if it is in the City of Melville you can report it to Goodbye Graffiti on 1800 442 255 or online at the WA Police Goodbye Graffiti webpage. The information will make its way to the correct authority for removal.

If you see an offence in progress call 131 444 for police attendance.

What can I do to manage graffiti in my community?

Crime prevention is everyone’s business and there is lots you can do to achieve our shared vision of a Safer Melville.

  1. Report any information you have about graffiti offenders to the Goodbye Graffiti hotline (1800 442 255) or WA Police Goodbye Graffiti webpage. There are monetary rewards for information that leads to the arrest or caution of an offender.
  2. Check out The Writing’s on the Wall educational resource.
  3. Complete our Home Safety Checklist for your property to find out how you can improve the safety and security of your home.
  4. Show your creativity and beautify your suburb by adopting a local bus stop
  5. If you’re a young person interested in urban art check out our Phaze program.

Where can I get more information about graffiti?

Visit the WA Police Goodbye Graffiti webpage for more graffiti removal, reporting and prevention advice.