Personal Safety

By using common sense and preventative measures you can lesson the likelihood of being a victim of crime.

By using some basic preventative measures you can lessen the likelihood of being a victim of crime.

Personal Safety Tips

Take these simple steps to make your life more relaxed when you’re out and about. 

  • Stay alert and be aware of your surroundings
  • Walk in well lit, busy areas, confidently and at a steady pace
  • Keep clear of walking close to overgrown bushes or trees
  • Walk against the flow of traffic to avoid vehicles driving slowly alongside you
  • Walk with a friend or group where possible
  • If you regularly walk by yourself, consider varying your route
  • Have someone accompany you to your car
  • Plan ahead – how are you going to get home?
  • Tell your family, friends and colleagues your whereabouts and when you expect to return.  If your plans change let them know
  • Turn down the volume on your earphones
  • Practice what you would do in a real life threatening situation with a friend or consider taking self-defence lessons.

Safety for Seniors
Contrary to belief, seniors still only represent a very small percentage of crime victims. Visit the WA Police Safety for Seniors website for tips to keep you safe using public transport, your telephone and while shopping.  There are also links to other websites with information on elder abuse.  

Safety for Young People
If you are a young person or a parent of a young person you may have a lot of questions about every day issues like alcohol and the law, under-age drinking or drink spiking.  Visit the WA Police Safety for Young People website for information on all these topics plus a number of others like hosting parties, Leavers week and support if you become a victim of crime.