Current Works

Road works are scheduled on Reynolds Road, Mount Pleasant, from Bombard Street to Crest Avenue from Friday, 9 February 2018, with completion scheduled by Monday, 19 February 2018.

Find out about the current works across the City of Melville, including road works, civil construction and verge infrastructure.

***Please be aware of the following essential roadworks***

Marmion Streetfrom Justinian Street to Rome Road from Monday, 15 January 2018, with scheduled completion by Monday, 15 April 2018 read more.

The City wishes to notify the public that Night works will commence on Marmion Street from Justinian Street to Rome Road from Monday, 26 March 2018, with scheduled completion by Sunday, 15 April 2018. Due to high traffic volumes during the day, road works will be carried out at night. Detours will be in place. Motorists are asked to reduce their speed along the route and follow the detour signage.

Works will be carried out as per below –
Monday, 26 March to Wednesday 28 March 2018 – Civil works at the intersection of Marmion St and Stock Rd from 7.00pm to 6.00am.
Tuesday, 27 March to Sunday, 15 April 2018 – Asphalting of the top layer from 7.00pm to 6.00am.
All traffic including buses will be detoured around the works area during the night works.
For further information contact and updates visit or call 1300 635 845.

Works/Projects due for commencement and being actioned by Technical Services:

Civil Construction

Responsible Officer: Construction Supervisor, Michael Powell 9364 0728

Marmion Street / Rome Road, Melville        
Profiling and asphalting works to lengthen the merge taper are now completed and are awaiting installation of signs and line marking by Main Roads WA.

Central Avenue / Riverview Terrace, Mount Pleasant
Roadworks to install an asphalt entry treatment on Central Avenue at its intersection with Riverview Terrace, Mount Pleasant are completed and awaiting pavement marking by MRWA.

Harry Baker Reserve, Leeming
Drainage and park improvements at Harry Baker Reserve commenced 26 February. The works are intended to improve stormwater retention within the reserve by the creation of a retained drainage basin/swale.  The works will be complemented by park improvements including new interconnecting paths, irrigation renewal and grassed areas.
Project Update: Footpath installation completed 20 April.  New irrigation system installation scheduled from 30 April.
It is expected that the landscape improvements will be completed by late May.

Dunkley Avenue, Applecross
Road improvement works commenced 6 March 2018 along Dunkley Avenue, Applecross
between 37A and 59A Dunkley Avenue and are the continuation of road improvements carried out last year on Dunkley Avenue. The road works are expected to take 8 weeks to complete and are the final stage of road improvements carried out on Dunkley Avenue and Melville Beach Road over the last decade.

The proposed works comprising of the following key activities:

New formal on-street parking embayments; and
•    Road pavement rehabilitation & asphalt renewal;
•    Kerb renewal;
•    Installation of formal speed plateaus;
•    General drainage improvements;
•    Median island modification/installation at intersections;
•    Landscaping – (to commence during 2018/19 Financial Year);

Project Update:   Drainage cover reinstatements completed 20 April. Kerbing reinstatement scheduled from 23 April. Concrete crossover reinstatement scheduled from 26 April.

Zenobia Street (Palmyra Primary School Verge), Palmyra
Works to install a new footpath to complement and connect new parallel parking bays commenced 16 April and are expected to be completed by 29 April.

Road Resurfacing

Responsible Officer: Road Resurfacing Program Supervisor,  Rusty Hampton 9364 0732

View the Road Rehabilitation Program 2017-18 for a full list of planned works.

Road Resurfacing 2017/18 Program

Read More

Camm Avenue, Bull Creek
Awaiting drainage on roundabout.
Received quote for pipe relining, works to be implemented.

Marmion Street, Palmyra/Melville (from Justinian Street to Rome Road)
Asphalt complete.
Waiting on faux pave and line marking.

Williams Road, Melville

Piney Lakes, Murdoch
Asphalt complete.
Waiting on line marking.

Neesham rd, Booragoon
Works commenced 12 April.
Asphalt scheduled for 26 April.

McCoy Street, Melville
Works commenced 15 March.
Asphalt scheduled for May.

New Works

Garling Street, Willagee (eastbound carriageway only)
Works scheduled to commence late April.

Road Sweeping Program

Currently sweeping roads in Bicton and Leeming.

Crack Sealing

Responsible Officer: Works Coordinator, Stuart McCarthy 9364 0615


Bus Shelter Upgrades

Reponsible Officer: Works Coordinator, Stuart McCarthy 9364 0615

New Bus Shelters 2017/2018 Program

Stop number



Patronage data


Scheduled date




Murdoch Drive before Hawke Pass




Upgrade boarding area and install double sided Esplanade shelter

April 2018 (Easter School Holidays)


Coomoora Road after The Promenade

Mount Pleasant



Upgrade boarding area and install single sided Esplanade shelter

Late April 2018


Coomoora Road after Bedford Road




Upgrade boarding area and install single sided Esplanade shelter

Late April 2018


Winthrop Drive before Barrett-Lennard Parade




Upgrade boarding area and install single sided Esplanade shelter

Late April 2018


Verge Infrastructure

Responsible Officer: Verge Infrastructure Supervisor, Bryce Hunt 9364 0682



Scouler Way, Bateman

Currently on hold pending further community consultation.

Woolshed Park, Palmyra (Corner of Carrington Street and McGregor Road)

Scheduled to commence 30 April.



Responsible Officer: Verge Infrastructure Supervisor, Bryce Hunt 9364 0682


Bicton Sign Replacement Program

80% complete.


Civil Assets Maintenance

Responsible Officer: Civil Assets Maintenance Supervisor, Bradly Prideaux 9364 0734

2016/17 Program:

Works scheduled for Mount Pleasant and Brentwood.


Storm Water Pit Cleaning

Responsible Officer: Civil Assets Maintenance Supervisor, Bradly Prideaux 9364 0734.

Storm Water Pit Cleaning

Pit cleaning contractor commenced 26 March to clean 130 pits in Brentwood and Mount Pleasant.

Update: Works currently on hold, estimated to recommence early May.


Construction of Wetlands Drainage on Four Sites within the City of Melville

Bluegum Lake

All Civil works have been completed. Revegetation will be carried out during the Winter period of 2018.

Booragoon Lake

All Civil works have been completed. Revegetation will be carried out during the Winter period of 2018.

Quenda North

All Civil works have been completed. Revegetation will be carried out during the Winter period of 2018.

Quenda West

All Civil works have been completed. Revegetation will be carried out during the Winter period of 2018.


Waste (Bulk Verge Collection)

Junk and White Goods/Metals

To view the scheduled collection dates for green waste or junk & white goods within the City, please click here for dates and more information.

Natural Areas & Parks


Celebrating 50 Years with 50 Trees - Piney Lakes Reserve

On Thursday 3 May 2018, the City of Melville is celebrating 50 years since the shire officially became a City. To commemorate this milestone, 50 trees will be planted within the Piney Lakes Reserve, commencing on 3 May through to the end of the 2018 winter planting season. The City’s Mayor Russell Aubrey will be onsite on the 3 May to assist in the planting of the first tree.
The trees planted will be within scope of the recently adopted Urban Forest Strategic Plan, which was developed as part of the City’s approach to realise the social, environmental and economic benefits of trees and other vegetation, now and for future generations.  
Tree planting will be conducted along the footpath which runs parallel to Berndt Grove, Winthrop. Trees will also be planted throughout the park during winter. 


Please contact Mick McCarthy, Director Technical Services on 9364 0605 should you require further information.

Responsible Directorate: Technical Services

Spray Program Update

The City’s broadleaf weed spraying contactor will be spraying the following sporting reserves:

Myaree, Melville, Attadale, Bicton, Palmyra, Willagee, Winthrop, Kardinya and Murdoch the week beginning Monday 16 April 2018 weather permitting. 

Rob Campbell Reserve – New Irrigation System

A new irrigation system is being installed at Rob Campbell Reserve in Bicton.  Groundworks commenced Monday 26 February 2018 and should take approximately three weeks to complete.

Harry Baker Park – Irrigation

The irrigation system at Harry Baker Park, Leeming has been isolated until further notice to allow for drainage works and park redevelopment to be conducted. 
The above works will impact on the quality of the turf however once work is complete the turf will be returned to its current state.
Please contact Mick McCarthy, Director Technical Services on 9364 0605 should you require further information.
Responsible Directorate: Technical Services

Shorebirds signage project at Point Walter Spit

The Year 5 and 6 students of Bicton Primary School participated in the Shorebirds signage project, which resulted in the student posters being used for educational signage at Point Walter foreshore. The project was done in conjunction with BirdLife Western Australia as part of the Shorebirds 2020 program.

The students came for an excursion to the foreshore to see the area of the sandbar that the birds nest on every year. A representative from BirdLife and the Environmental Community Liaison Officer from the City of Melville talked about the local shorebirds and the danger that humans and dogs pose to their nests, which was followed up by an in-class information session. From this, the students then each drew a poster depicting some aspect of shorebirds, nests or threats to the foreshore. Thanks to all the students for their enthusiastic participation!

Three winning posters were selected and have been turned into signage that can be seen on the Point Walter spit this summer. The posters grace a fixed structure sign and temporary fencing on the sand bar at Point Walter to remind the public to avoid the shorebirds nesting area.

The foreshore hosts up to 10,000 migratory shorebirds representing 31 different species, including the red-necked stint, grey plover and curlew sandpiper. There are also 10 resident species such as the pied oystercatcher, red-capped plover and black-winged stilt also use the area to nest. In total, 31 migratory and 10 resident shorebird species have been recorded in the area.

The City of Melville is working in conjunction with the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions, Birdlife Western Australia and a bunch of dedicated volunteers to monitor and manage the area each summer during nesting season.

Wetland environmental drainage works

Following Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) principles, construction of four vegetated swales and installation of improved drainage infrastructure has commenced at three key wetlands within the City:
Quenda Wetlands (two sites)
Blue Gum Lake
Booragoon Lake 
These works aim to improve stormwater quality entering the reserves and stems from the City’s Bull Creek Catchment Water Quality Improvement Plan’s aim to “increase biofiltration treatment and retention time (of stormwater) in high priority sites”. Booragoon and Blue Gum Lakes have historically had high nutrient and heavy metal levels while Quenda Wetland has experienced an increase in erosion and gross pollutants as a result of road upgrades to Murdoch Drive.
The swales and drainage upgrades are being installed at major drainage outlets that currently have little to no filtration. All works will help to reduce water velocity, improve water quality and increase habitat values of the areas around the stormwater outlets. 
Please contact Mick McCarthy, Director Technical Services on 9364 0605 should you require further information.
Responsible Directorate: Technical Services


Green concrete

The City is trialling the use of ‘green’ concrete in its footpath replacement program. The product uses less cement than regular concrete; up to 40% of the product is made from recycled materials like powdered slag (a by-product of steel manufacture) and fly-ash (a by-product of coal combustion).

It claims to provide the same bonding strength as cement while reducing environmental impacts through reusing waste material and releasing fewer greenhouse gases during production.  

If the trial is a success, it will be rolled out across the City. 

Newly installed green concrete

Please contact Mick McCarthy, Director Technical Services on 9364 0605 should you require further information.
Responsible Directorate: Technical Services

South Eastern Play Space

After positive feedback at the Elected Members Information Session (EMIS) on 27 June 2017, the new south eastern play space concept plan will now go out for broader community engagement. The dates below represent the indicative process over the next few months.

  • July 10th – Aug 6th Engagement period involving an online survey through ‘MelvilleTalks’; updating the City of Melville website, letter drop to local residents within 400m and signage on site directing them to the on-line survey; and advertorial, social media posts and media releases
  • August – Analysis of the feedback and preparation of engagement report
  • Aug – Sept – Modification of the concept plan as required/desired and preparation of an opinion of probable costs based on the revised plan
  • September – EMIS
  • October – Ordinary Council Meeting for approval to proceed to next stage – detail design
  • The community engagement period for the Premier Playspace draft concept plan at Bob Gordon Reserve in Bull Creek concluded on Friday, 4 August 2017.

    The City received 502 responses through the on-line survey and several written submissions. City staff will now undertake careful review of all responses over the next few months and revise the concept plan as required to reflect this feedback. Once the review is completed a recommendation will be presented to Council.

Fredrick Baldwin Lake - water quality improvement

Work has begun on improving the water quality within Frederick Baldwin Lake. This includes the staged removal of the existing casuarinas, which are currently blocking access to the lake, and planting of sedges and other appropriate species. This process will be undertaken over a 12 to 24 month period to avoid denuding the area and to maximise plant survival. Other works being considered into the future include interventions at the water inlets to reduce the contaminants actually reaching the lake.

Piney Lakes Sensory Play Park Upgrade

Piney Lakes Sensory Play Park Upgrade is now complete. The upgrade aims to broaden the sensory play experience and enhance access for all within the park.

The new play space offers a range of new accessible play elements including swings, a roundabout, raised concrete sand and water play tables, a central play dome and incudes a new centralised picnic area. New artwork contributions from Jahne Rees and Liam Cole from Scape-ism and Daniel Iley feature within the upgrade, with additional works to come from Brenton See and Jenny Dawson.

New South-Eastern Playspace Upgrade

Design work is continuing on this project, with a concept, based on the CRG (Community Reference Group) recommendations being drafted, with Bob Gordon Reserve being the preferred option for a playspace in the south eastern area of the City.

The concept plan will be presented to the CRG on Wednesday, 14 June.

In the week beginning Monday, 19 June, the plan will be on Melville Talks for broader community discussion. Letters will be sent directly to the residents adjacent to Bob Gordon Reserve requesting input.

Upon completion of this 4 week engagement period the comments will be collated, the concept plan will be amended as required. The City is anticipating presenting an item to Council in September with the preferred location and concept design.

Renewal of Playgrounds

Within the next few months we will be renewing several playgrounds around the City. These include

  • Frank Cann Park (near Wood Street) being replaced with a similar type unit.
  • Dick Piercy Park being replaced with a similar type unit.
  • Olding Park being replaced with a similar type unit.
  • Bert Jeffery Park being replaced with a similar type unit and relocated slightly back towards the existing trees.
  • Ormond Bowyer Park being replaced with a similar type unit.

First Grass Reduction Project at Booragoon Lake

Environmental Services, in conjunction with the Friends of Booragoon and Blue Gum Lakes, are planning to remove a short section of grassed area between the existing footpath, and bushland vegetation edge in order to restore it back to native vegetation. The area of grass runs from the pumping stations opposite Shadbolt Street intersection, to opposite 58 Aldridge Road (see map below). Only the grass between the bushland and the footpath is being removed, the grass on the outside of the footpath to the road edge will be retained.

Removing grass to a hard edge, is a best practice technique of bushland management in order to reduce grass infestation and increase the vegetation buffer to our wetlands. It is hoped that this will improve water quality outcomes, and form part of a longer term grass reduction program along the edges of our high value Wetlands.

The grass will be chemically removed in March, with a possible follow-up treatment in June. The area will then be revegetated in winter (approximately June/July).

Brentwood Living Stream Project

The Brentwood Living Stream project is nearing completion with the perimeter fence being removed week ending 5 August and temporary fencing will remain around both drain head walls for safety reasons. Signage panels on the interpretative node are also being installed. Future works are as follows:

January 2017 - July 2017

  • Weed control (ongoing)
  • Planting riparian zone (summer)
  • Planting verge and infill dryland area (winter)

Please contact Mick McCarthy, Director Technical Services, on 9364 0605 should you require further information.

Responsible Directorate: Technical Services.