Transport & Road Safety

The City of Melville features an extensive network of roads and walking routes, as well as being a key public transport hub for the region.


Traffic Modifications

View the recent road modifications within the City and learn how to navigate through them.

Bus Shelters


Traffic Calming, Counts and Black Spots


Road & Street Maintenance

Maintenance schedules are utilised by the Council to maintain streetscapes and roads within the City of Melville. However, the City also relies on the public to notify us of any hazards.


Shine a light on road safetyOn Friday, 12 May, turn your lights on day and night to show your support and keep Road Safety front of mind. Drive so others survive!

Road Safety Messages

What does road safety mean to you?

Bike Plan

The City of Melville Bike Plan sets out a strategic vision for the continued development and promotion of cycling.

Speed Alert Mobile Trailer Program

The City of Melville's Speed Alert Mobile (SAM) Trailer Program is an initiative designed to make motorists aware of their driving habits and the negative impact excessive speed can have on the peace and safety of neighbourhoods.