Road Safety Messages

What does road safety mean to you?

Driving is the most dangerous this you will do all day!

What does being smart on the road means to you?

  • Wearing a seatbelt. A seatbelt can protect me from severe injury in a collision.
  • Don’t drink and drive. Driving under the influence turns me into a lethal weapon. If I drink-drive, I could harm myself and others.
  • No mobile phone while driving. Mobile phones can distract me and lead me to hit someone or something.
  • Taking a break. Resting for at least 15 minutes every two hours will help me stay alert.
  • Slowing down, taking my time. I will keep to the limit and remember that the faster I drive, the harder I hit.
  • Swapping drivers when tired. Driving tired can cause my thoughts to wander or cause me to fall to sleep at the wheel.
  • Restraining children correctly. Choosing appropriate restraints can keep children and babies safe. I should check for damage or wear.
  • Keeping my distance. I will keep at least two seconds between the time when the front bumper tyre of the car in front passes a stationary object and the front of my car reaches that object.
  • Driving a safe vehicle. I will drive a vehicle that is roadworthy. When buying, I will look for high safety rating.
  • Overtaking cyclists safely. I will give at least a distance of 1 metre when passing a cyclist.
  • Keeping to the speed limit when overtaking. I will remember that it’s illegal to exceed the speed limit when overtaking.
  • Being aware of pedestrians. I will be more alert around areas where pedestrians are likely to be.


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